Publisher Terms of Service

Finding relevant, well-written content for your website can be challenging. No matter how sophisticated the algorhythm, article spinning software just can’t match the quality of an original article written by a knowledgeable author.

The talented group of writers that make up Greater Articles are here to help. All of the content on Greater Articles is at least 800 words long, each one written by an actual person. Feel free to use any of the content on this site with the following caveats:

  • The author must be given full credit for the article, and retains all copyrights.
  • The article must not be changed in any way.
  • You may not add links to the article (see above) because this would give someone reading the article on your website the false impression that the author of the article endorses the linked to material or product.
  • As the author retains all ownership and copyrights on the works on this site, you may not sell the articles nor use them on a pay-to-read format, such as a membership site.
  • The article must be used in its entirety, including links and any biographical information the author may chose to include at the bottom of the article.
  • You must not change the content of the articles in any way, nor may you use the articles to create derivitavie content (no article spinning).
  • You must not use the content on this website to promote illegal activity, hate speech, or human exploitation.

These terms of service may change at any time.