It’s the Same Story Everywhere

Every day the news (regardless of your preferred medium) delves into the ongoing global crisis that has defined the first couple of decades of the 21st century. Every day we hear stories from countries around the world where people are living in abject poverty, their riches stripped away from them and their livelihoods buried in the dust. From the United States to Spain to Greece and beyond, more and more everyday people are waking up to the reality that their governments can do nothing for them; if they rely on the system they find themselves without work, without food and without any sort of actual life.

Which is why it is more important than ever to take charge of your life and create your own destiny through expat living in countries around the world where you live life on your terms. The power of the expat lifestyle is the ability to pack your bags and go anywhere you want. Rather than letting a government tax you into oblivion while stripping your wage and pension, you can go to countries where the economies are booming, where jobs are plentiful and recession is nothing more than a rumor on the wind rather than a stark reality.

A couple of days ago I was having lunch with an Argentinean friend of mine who owns a small restaurant here in Cancun. Over the course of the meal our conversation drifted into the realm of people who travel to other countries to find work when there is nothing left to be had back home, and we started talking about how the vast majority of Latin American workers are no longer looking to the United States as the hope for the future; instead, the Latin people are starting to look to the giants in their own midst: Brazil and Chile. Furthermore, many of the illegal immigrants from the United States are beginning to make their way back home, as even they cannot find work any longer in what used to be the great Promised Land.

And it’s not just the Latin people; Spaniards are also flocking in droves to Chile, Brazil and Argentina, since their country is facing the same numbers as the United States: an estimated 60% of the population is living in poverty and unemployment rates are well above 40% (anyone who believes unemployment in the U.S. is only around 9% is either mentally challenged or has simply been sucking at the propaganda teat for far too many years), and the only choices left to those people who want to feed their families is to travel to another country.

It’s the same story everywhere. The United States, the United Kingdom and Spain are just a handful of countries that have seen their people leaving in a mass exodus as they try to find work and put food on the table for their families. Greece is one of the most blatant examples of the current global crisis: there are ZERO job prospects for people in between the ages of 18 and 25, and youth have one of two choices: stay at home and starve or find a way to make it work somewhere else in another country.

Every day we are shown in-your-face, saddening examples of what happens when you put your faith in a singular government. It doesn’t matter if we are talking the U.S., the U.K. or the E.U. All of these systems are failing their people. And while places like Chile and Brazil are prime examples of countries that are seeing economic growth at the present moment, even they will eventually fall to the inevitable tide of change. The only way to protect yourself from becoming a statistic is to take charge of your life and stop relying on the banks and governments which are the root cause of the problem.

Everyone out there has a choice to make. You can either bury your head in the sand and pretend that the global crisis is nothing more than a myth just like the vast majority of Americans and Greeks who are still trying to make it work even though they are being taxed and worked to death, going deeper and deeper into debt each year…or you can realize that the rise and fall of governments is nothing more than the cycle of time and history repeating itself.

History is full of examples of expats who have made the plunge when the time was right. When the Roman Empire was failing, taxing its citizens into oblivion even while the empire was crumbling around them, the smart ones were heading to the Byzantine part of the world where the economy was rising and things were moving forward. The remnants of the Ottoman Empire headed over to Western Europe when their time was up, and if you remember the not-so-distant history of America it was the Europeans of yesteryear who left behind the crumbling relics of medieval Europe to forge new lives in North America at the dawn of the United States and Canada.

Change is inevitable. It is a part of life. And history provides us with dozens of examples of the current global crisis repeated over the centuries as empire after empire rises and falls. Without fail, it is always the people who are there first — the pioneers — who reap the most benefits. Once you realize that the current global crisis is nothing more than history repeating itself, that it’s the same story everywhere…you can begin to take charge of your life with an actionable plan that puts you at the front of the line where you are the only one in charge of your destiny.

You can live your life as a slave…or you can have absolute freedom as an expat / digital nomad. The choice is yours.

About the author: T.W. Anderson has been traveling since 1999 and living abroad full time as an independent international citizen since January of 2008. He has established residency, opened businesses and lived long-term in four different countries and visited over 20 since first starting out. He is the founder of Marginal Boundaries, a company dedicated to cultural immersion and long-term, slow travel as a permanent expat. He is the author of The Expat Guidebook as well as immersion guides for Sofia, Bulgaria; Bogota, Colombia; and Cancun, Mexico. For more information on how to live a life of continual travel on a passive income, visit